2-Week Challenge: How to Manage The Difficult People in Your Life Watch Preview

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You + Me = Managing the difficult people in your life.

Of course, I'm talking about the:

  • Liars
  • The dirty cheats
  • Nasty in-laws
  • Snarky co-workers
  • Mean-spirited neighbors
  • Frienenemies
  • You catch my drift...

We all have them in our lives, but they seem to get too much air-time. Right? 

👋🏽Tell me true, who do you constantly think about because you are angry, hurt or waiting for another attack from them? 

Are you laying awake at night dreaming what you will say next time they violate your boundaries or take a swipe at you or your kids?

Well, not anymore.

Join me on a 2-week healing challenge! You will learn:

  • How to identify ALL the difficult people in your life and WHY they are difficult for YOU.
  • WHY you get pulled into these dynamics
  • Begin to HEAL from the pain of having difficult people in your life
  • Scripts and strategies for how to Handle yourself going forward. Boundaries!
  • How to reclaim yourself 
  • How to [Re]Create relationships

The Challenge will last for 2-week and includes:

  • Daily journal prompts and video lessons
  • A community of Moms just like you for support and encouragement
  • Daily access to your Coach (me!) via the Challenge portal
  • A weekly (recorded) Ask-Me-Anything Call
  • Scripts for putting the meanies in your life back in their place. Word!

3-Day Money-Back Guarantee! Try the 2-week challenge risk-free for 3 full days!

Meet your Coach:

Hey, I'm Flesché Hesch, MA

  • Pronounced (flesh-ay)
  • Imperfect Mom of 2
  • Work + Life Balance Mentor for Moms
  • Professional Business Coach for 15 years
  • Master's in Marriage & Family Therapy
  • Best Selling author
  • Corporate refugee

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