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Inspiration, Education and Women's Circle for Working Moms. 

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  • Tell me what you want to learn about (as a working mom) and I'll create it.
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  • Work + Life Mastery is your personalized toolbox for whatever life throws at you. You learn more about your own Psychology than ever before. Take what works and leave the rest!
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See the [evergrowing] curriculum below:

Courses in this Program:

Lessons in Welcome...Start Here!:

  1. 1 Welcome video and tutorial

    Objective: Don't worry, it's short!

  2. 2 Fill-in your welcome packet

    Objective: You will need this for the rest of the course!

Lessons in Strengths Assessment: just for Moms:

  1. 1 Get crystal clear on your strengths

    Objective: Gain clarity about yourself

Lessons in 21 Productivity Hacks for Working Moms:

  1. 1 Introduction

    Objective: Welcome to the course!

  2. 2 How to listen (it's not what you think!)

    Objective: Get ready to hear in a whole new way

  3. 3 The BIG picture

    Objective: Learning to win at home & at work

  4. 4 9 Mindset Hacks

    Objective: Learn the great hacks you can use RIGHT NOW to get more out of your day.

  5. 5 Practical Woo-Woo

    Objective: ...A little something different

  6. 6 Technology Hacks

    Objective: Got technology? This section will help you discover which tools will help to move you forward this week.

  7. 7 Advice for productive working Moms

    Objective: Take what works and leave the rest

  8. 8 How are you doing?

    Objective: I'm just checking on you...

  9. 9 Frequently asked questions

    Objective: ...because inquiring minds want to know!

  10. 10 Bringing it all together!

    Objective: Because everyone loves a good bonus

Lessons in Meditation 101 for Working Moms:

  1. 1 Welcome!

    Objective: This optional audio is an intro to your Instructor

  2. 2 What is meditation for Moms?

    Objective: Learn the benefits of calming down

Lessons in How to work from home with your kids:

  1. 1 Tele-Class: How to work from home with your kids

    Objective: 95-minute masterclass

Lessons in #1 Business Assessment for Entrepreneur Moms:

  1. 1 Start Here

    Objective: Audio: how to get the most from your Business Self Assessment

  2. 2 Take the business assessment

    Objective: For MOMS only! Get a bird's eye view of your business. You will get inspired for how you can make your business work better for you too!

  3. 3 Assessment Follow-Up

    Objective: Follow-up audio: next steps for growing your business

Lessons in Is your business "Mom-friendly"?:

  1. 1 Take the assessment

    Objective: Learn if your business is in alignment with your values as a Mom

Lessons in 7-point checklist for Business Growth:

  1. 1 Get the checklist

Lessons in Should you go back to work after having a baby?:

  1. 1 Will you or won't you?

    Objective: Plan A or Plan B?

  2. 2 Your turn

    Objective: Workshop this one...

Lessons in How to manage work+life balance in a crisis:

  1. 1 LIVE Masterclass: Monday, 3/23

Lessons in 2-Week Challenge: How to Manage The Difficult People in Your Life:

Lessons in SummerSchool: Work+Life Balance for Working Women:

  1. 1 Welcome to day 1!

  2. 2 Day 2

  3. 3 Day 3

  4. 4 Day 4

About Flesché Hesch

Awesome Mom of 2. Irreverent Wife to 1. A best selling author, shrink by training, recovering good-girl, lifestyle + business strategist for Working Moms who want to get a lot more "real" in their lives.

My motto: "If Mama ain't happy. Nobody is happy." Word!

Around my campus, we take a heart and eyes wide open approach to life, love and the business of working + motherhood.

Jump in. Stay awhile. Feel the love. 💗

What Our Members Have to Say:

“Yes it absolutely is a great match! Flesché is peeling back the layers of my life!

I'm enjoying this content.
Thank you” ― Tonya
“I'm halfway through the course and already feel super validated and motivated.

Flesché really understands the life of a working mom.

I have resources I need to improve my situation.” ― Lydia
“This course is giving me great strategies that I use every day to rebalance my work/life. I love the Instructor's
alignment with what I love doing for work.” ― Jessica
“A lot of great hacks for working moms. Very well presented. Thank you.” ― Bobbie
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